Martial Arts Training Center

Membership Policy

Our programs

Thank you for becoming a part of our Martial Arts Training Center, home to Yuen’s Family Martial Arts and Northwest jiu-jitsu. We offer these two Traditional Martial Arts systems – traditional tae kwon do and Brazilian jiu-jitsu – in order to cater to multiple styles of learning. In both programs we work hard to offer quality traditional martial arts training that is challenging while remaining age-appropriate, all in a fun and safe environment.

Our Payment and Cancellation procedures

Please note that while we are a year-round training facility with set monthly tuition, we are not a contract school. We have long believed that quality instruction will always attract quality students that want to be a part of our organization. Our classes are not paid for on a class by class basis but a prorated pay schedule based on year round training, having said that; yearly discounted rates and family rates are available at huge discounts. In the case that you need to put your membership on hold, this can be done for up to 30 days. After the 30 days, the membership will be cancelled and prospective students on the waiting list will be contacted. In the case that you need to cancel a membership, this must be done in writing one full month before the desired end date. For example, if you would like to cancel a membership by February 1st and your payment withdrawal occurs on the 1st of the month, then you must submit your cancellation notice no later than December 31st. This is deemed necessary to allow us to operate a smooth and efficient flow of students into our programs. Finally, if you would like to secure a spot for future training, spaces can be reserved for a deposit in amount of half the month’s dues. Please note that the deposit in non-refundable.

School Closures

Our school will close for all statutory holidays and scheduled tournaments. In addition, it may be necessary to close due to inclement weather such as snow, severe storm, power outages or severe illness of the Senior Instructor. We will do our best to report school closure information on social media and through email. In addition to holidays and scheduled tournaments, there are 3 times a year when we close for holidays and staff vacations.

Christmas Break – follow the (SD43) winter break schedule.

Spring Break – School will be closed for the second week of spring break (SD43)

Summer Break – Last week of July through to BC Day

* Periodic special programs may be offered through these times.